THE-Y 15 (2022.5)

We started the THE-Y with our special guest, Mr. Shiba, GGG’s president! He came over to Singapore and joined us in this program!

From Mr. Numajiri’s camera, we were able to see the situation at Merlion Park, live! There were so many tourists around here as Singapore borders opened, welcoming many countries.

We also have participants from Japan to join us!

Our Japan side of participants, sat together and brainstorm about ideas and what they shall present.

This group is presenting and showing what they have researched about the market in Jakarta to both the Japan and Singapore side.


At the end of the program, each participant is asked to share the qualities about themselves in English to everyone. We are very happy to be able to see our participants being able to speak up confidently!

THE-Y 14 (2022.4)

Mr. Numajiri started the program by showing and introducing the participants the beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands and the famous Merlion at the back while asking the participants some questions.

We have also invited one of the leaders from One&Co to give us a chat about his company’s business and services.

During the program, we also have participants from Japan to join us. Here is a photo from Japan side, communicating with our GGG side of members.

For our Japan side of participants, we made them sit together and talk about their qualities and personalities they think they have as a leader.

One of our participants was presenting in English of about her vision in life!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in THE-Y! It was fun!

THE-Y 13 (2022.2)

Our director, Mr. Numajiri, started the day by showing and introducing the participants the beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands.

One of the teams, shared their ideas for sustainable oil drones business ideas.

One of the team members continued to further explain their business plan to everyone by showing graphs and example picture.

At the end of the program, we showed the “Leaders’ Journey” which reminds the participants how much they have progressed throughout the program with us.

One of our participants reflecting on the journey during the course of this program.

Thank you everyone for joining THE-Y!

THE-Y 12 (2022.1)

For this round of THE-Y program, we have various leaders from different companies to join us!

We looked at the famous entrepreneurs who made it big and discussed what made them so successful.

One of our GGG members, Mr. Koie, showed the participants around the famous Merlion Park in Singapore and threw them a few questions.

One of our leader speakers, giving a talk about Blockchain for everyone to know more about it.

One of the leader speakers is giving her perspective about how the world can improve despite being of different races, backgrounds and nationality.

We ended the program by letting the participants discuss the difference between Singapore and Japan and hear their views.

THE-Y 11 (2021.12)

For session of THE-Y, we have participants from Japan to join us!

We have prepared a few topics for the participants in Japan to brainstorm and discuss together.

From our Singapore side, GGG’s director, Mr. Numajiri, walked along one of the famous tourist attraction in Singapore and asked a few questions about Singapore to the participants in Japan.

Mr. Numajiri, giving a talk to the participants about the image of a leader in both English and Japanese.

One of the participants from Japan presenting in English, sharing about her qualities she found in herself as a leader.

For the final day, we ended it with a little fun exchange between the Japan participants and our Singapore side of members of different backgrounds. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Thank you for joining THE-Y!

THE-Y 10 (2021.11)

Started the day with our director, Mr. Numajiri, showing our global participants the bustling city in the morning and asked them a few questions.

Our Japanese side of teams connecting to the Singapore side of teams for our final round of team competition!

Each company with their company members will be of the same team (an example of what a team consists of) and they will be making a speech.

Each team will presenting their unique business ideas to everyone and the team that has the best idea, will win.

Live from one of the teams from Japan side, they presented their VR ideas and showed how it worked.

Our director, Mr. Numajiri, giving a speech to all the team members and announced the winner for the finale! Thank you everyone for the hard work and joining this journey with us! We shall all strive to be great and innovative leaders!

THE-Y 09 (2021.10)

Started our Day 1 of THE-Y with various companies and very honoured to have CEOs of the companies who are able to join us!

Our questions to the participants with innovation as our main topic.

With one of the companies’ CEO from dotD to introduce about his company and their business.

One of our participants shares how Health Tech is being more and more widely use and the benefits of it (with Zi.Care being mentioned as it is one of our investments).

One of our participants, who is a Japanese, also shared one of his cultural experiences, of the foods that he found amusing yet tasty, in Singapore.

We ended our Day 4 with a sharing from our GGG’s side of Singaporean member! Thank you everyone for attending our program!

THE-Y 08 (2021.06)

Welcoming many participants to join us!

One&Co’s GM explaining about their parent company, CO&CO.

Ideas for creating new businesses through discussions with various startups.

Participants are divided into teams to study and present business ideas. For this team, they were explaning the benefits of a mobility platform.

As every one comes from different walks of life — one of the Tepco members revealed his ‘Life Line Chart’, depicting his ups and downs in his life.

Our gratitude to everyone who have participated in our program!

THE-Y 07 (2021.05)

Many people participated this time as well. Participants from diverse backgrounds listened attentively to each other.

Participants are divided into teams and brainstormed business ideas to solve social issues in the country they have selected, under the theme of “Country” & “New technology”.

Each team had their time to shine by presenting their business ideas.

In the quest for leadership, this global leader used his own words and declared in English the image of a global leader he was aiming to be.

Following on, each participant conveyed his/her thoughts and ideas to everyone.

Thank you to everyone for your innovative and constructive insights!

THE-Y 06 (2021.03)

At the beginning of the program, we gave a presentation to let the participants know more about our company.

Our director, Mr. Numajiri, is showing and discussing about the respected and significant leaders in Japan and also, what he wants to be as a global leader.

We invite start-up companies to present a world-class approach to new business creation.

We invited One&Co’s GM to share with us about their company to Japanese who are living and working in Singapore.

Guests are sharing what they felt when they were stationed in Singapore.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our program!

THE-Y 05 (2021.02)

During this pandemic, we have connected with people all over the world in this program.

Participants are divided into teams to discuss and present business ideas that solve social issues.

“Innovation is based on failure. It is important not to be afraid of failure.” Learn what is important in innovation is what we, GGG, would like to convey!

We had a session with the director of ICMG who is based in Singapore.


THE-Y 04 (2021.01)

As this year, due to COVID-19, we conduct trainings online with friends from all over the world joining us.

Our director, Mr. Numajiri, greeting all the participants online with the beautiful morning view of Marina Bay Sands behind.

Preparing for our GLT-Lite event beforehand.

We have a discussion room especially prepared for our participants, whom are able to join us from Singapore.

Indonesians living in Japan and working in the business industry, sharing their business ideas with everyone.

Despite this pandemic, we are very thankful for everyone’s participation, sharing ideas with one another, getting to know each other’s cultures and languages — it was an awesome experience!

THE-Y 03 (2020.02)

The collaboration event with NUS students in Singapore’s co-working space

Perusing Global Leadership in Cambodia

Talk to Cambodian business operators about their global leadership image

THE-Y 02 (2019.12)

Visiting the Innovation institution in Singapore

Discussing with the professor in Thailand University at the innovation summit

Discussing with startups in Indonesian innovation institution

THE-Y 01 (2019.10)

Visiting the Innovation institution in Singapore

Listening to the villagers in Cambodia rural area

Discussing their ideas from local interviews with business owners at the location