Interview with Director, Mr. Numajiri: Exploring New Working Styles in the Future

(By SingaLife with One&Co)

“I would like to continue to work in a way that makes me happy with new encounters.”

Tsuyoshi Numajiri (GREENWAY GRID GLOBAL PTE. LTD. Director)

Joined Tokyo Electric Power Company in 2004. In 2018, Mr. Numajiri established GREENWAY GRID GLOBAL (GGG) in Singapore and worked as a local director. His special skills are karate (1st rank) and calligraphy (3rd rank).

What kinds of changes are being made in the “working style” as a result of the pandemic changing the world? As we interview key figures in various fields, to express changes in working styles that are important in increasing corporate value. This time, we asked Mr. Numajiri, GREENWAY GRID GLOBAL, who utilises co-working space, One & Co, as his flexible office.

Q: Please tell us about GGG’s business outline.
We, GGG, are a joint venture established in Singapore by Tokyo Electric Power Company, Chubu Electric Power Company, etc. in 2018. With “To bring happiness to the world” as its vision, we are developing the world’s only practical business that manages “Investor”, “DX(Digital Transformation) / New Business”, and “Development of Transformation Leaders” as a “Trinity Business”. Specifically, we have invested in the latest technologies such as micro-grid in the Philippines, electric power business in Cambodia, E-mobility, FinTech, Plug and Play, etc, and bring happiness to the world with more than 150 revolutionary leader graduates. As currently due to the Coronavirus, we continue to create programs that allow you to feel as though it is hands-on online, with the support of our best partners that have a wide variety of capabilities. I aim to have a business operation where everyone who is involved with GGG feels “a life full of fun and smiles, a life that constantly challenges you, a life that you decide yourself”.


(SingaLife, 2021, Page 11)

Q: What kind of “issues” do you currently have regarding “working styles” in the future, and what kind of “working styles” do you think will be in the future?
The problem is that what was visible is becoming difficult to see. The feelings of each person, the atmosphere of the place, the laughter, and other things which were normal in the past are suddenly lacking when realised. Now that the number of online people has increased due to the pandemic and online has become a norm around the world, what kind of work style will we have in the future? I think it depends on where you find your values, but I still want to find value in “meeting people.” Connections from person to person. When I was talking to my partner the other day, I was asked, “Why did you get to know us?” If you think about it carefully, there are 1, 2 … 5 people. When I was talking to my partner the other day, I was asked, “Why did you get to know us?” If you think about it carefully, there are 1, 2 … 5 people. It’s like a friend of a friend of a friend. However, it is strange that the first person always starts from One & Co. I do have my own office, but at that time I thought that I should visit One&Co to explore the chain of encounters. What I could see became hard to visualise, but when I was at One&Co, I could see what I couldn’t see, while thinking that there are no pros and cons. It may have used to be a way of working for some time before, but I would like to continue working in a way that makes me contented with such new encounters.

 Published on SingaLife
Issue No. 269 & 270
(17 June 2021)

Published on SingaLife Page 11

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