Global Leadership Development

Global Leadership Training (GLT)

Through on-the-job training overseas, we foster global leaders who can be active in various fields of the world. This is a practical program that leverages GGG’s investment and operation platform for next-generation business infrastructure, setting the stage in a realistic area / place of actual projects in developing countries.

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Global Leadership Training Lite (GLT Lite)

The program trains talented young people who can be candidates for global leaders. Through training, they experience a sense of speed and enthusiasm at innovation sites overseas and cultivate an international sense and self-leadership.

It utilizes GGG’s business platform to interact with overseas startups and entrepreneurs, and to experience realistic regions and places of actual projects such as Philippines and Cambodia.

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Business Talent Enhancement (BTE)

This program accepts core legal or financial human resources as progress of each GGG investment project and provides acquisition of global practical know-how through on-the-job training.

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Business Talent Team (BTT)

This program is for people with front-line work skills and techniques. The team will train them how to handle global projects through on-the-job training.

This program schedule corresponds to the requested work of the project.

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Project Investment Focus

Invest in and manage promising projects in mainly the Asian region, such as micro-grid power transmission/distribution projects or E-mobility/IoT projects that could become next-generation infrastructure.

Micro Grid

Power Grid & Infrastructure

Water Supply



Innovation Business Ideation

Try and demonstrate new business ideas in Singapore where government policies and environment promote innovation, and provide support for commercialization.

E Mobility





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