Greenway Grid Global's participation in the Cambodian electric power distribution business to promote global sustainability

We, Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, President; Shinichi Imai, hereinafter “GGG”), would like to announce that we have acquired 80% of the common stock of SUN-EEE Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, CEO; Sovarong Leang, hereinafter “SUN–EEE”), and started the operations of the power distribution business in the kingdom of Cambodia.

This is the first time that the electric power affiliated companies in Japan, have participated in those power distribution companies, that are actually operating their businesses in Southeast Asia.

GGG, participates in the Cambodian power distribution business together with SUN-EEE, by implementing the operations, maintenances and inspections, accident responses, and the ‘Kaizen’ method. We highly utilize the strengths of abundant technologies and high standard operations cultivated in Japan, providing great quality and reliability in our electric power distribution.

In addition, GGG is implementing the three different businesses of “Project Investment”, “Innovative Business”, and “Global Leader Development” into an integrated business. With the Cambodian power distribution business as one of its platforms, a new incubation business that creates new growth businesses are being established, and we will develop global leader human resources who are able to operate such businesses. We are already implementing human resources development projects that are using operational companies effectively.

By having all companies participate in GGG’s three businesses, together, we will build an economy overseas and promote green and sustainability, globally.

A group photo in front of our Cambodia’s branch

SUN-EEE CEO Sovarong Leang (left) and GGG Imai President (right)