GLT Lite 08 (2021.06)

Welcoming all the participants to join us!

One&Co’s GM explaining about their parent company, CO&CO.

Sharing session about growth and directions.

Detailing about the benefits by using mobility platform.

As every one comes from different walks of life — one of the Tepco members revealed his ‘Life Line Chart’, depicting his ups and downs in his life.

Our gratitude to everyone who participated!

GLT Lite 07 (2021.05)

Participants in the program.

Participants are being grouped and shared about their topic chosen.

One of the participants sharing his thoughts and ideas.

Another participant’s time to shine!

Participant conveying his thoughts to everyone.

Thank you to everyone for your innovative ideas!

GLT Lite 06 (2021.03)

Explaining about what our company is about, letting the participants to know more about us.

Our director, Mr. Numajiri, is showing and discussing about the respected and significant leaders in Japan.

We also welcome start up companies to give talks and share their innovative ideas.

One&Co’s GM to share with us about their company.

One of our guests, giving thoughts about Singapore with countries related and how they are linked.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our program!

GLT Lite 05 (2021.02)

Our director, giving a talk in our online GLT Lite course.

Participants are being split into groups, brainstorming, problem solving and sharing their ideas.

When it comes to innovation, failures are inevitable, yet important. Hence, we would like to convey that “Do not be afraid of failures!!”

ICMG’s Singaporean Director, to give a speech to the participants.

Thank you everyone for participating in our GLT Lite program! We enjoyed learning from one another!

GLT Lite 04 (2021.01)

As this year, due to COVID-19, we conduct trainings online with friends from all over the world joining us.

Our director, Mr. Numajiri, greeting all the participants online with the beautiful morning view of Marina Bay Sands behind.

Preparing for our GLT-Lite event beforehand.

We have a discussion room especially prepared for our participants, whom are able to join us in Singapore.

Indonesians living in Japan and working in the business industry, sharing their business ideas with everyone.

Despite this pandemic, we are very thankful for everyone’s participation, sharing ideas with one another, getting to know each other’s cultures and languages — it was an awesome experience!

GLT Lite 03 (2020.02)

The collaboration event with NUS students in Singapore’s co-working space

Perusing Global Leadership in Cambodia

Talk to Cambodian business operators about their global leadership image

GLT Lite 02 (2019.12)

Visiting the Innovation institution in Singapore

Discussing with the professor in Thailand University at the innovation summit

Discussing with startups in Indonesian innovation institution

GLT Lite 01 (2019.10)

Visiting the Innovation institution in Singapore

Listening to the villagers in Cambodia rural area

Discussing their ideas from local interviews with business owners at the location