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Published on 6 June 2022
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Seminar / Lecture

Webinar】2nd Round of “The forefront of carbon neutrality to ask experts and pioneers”
– A barrage of strategies and practices through co-creation between the Japanese headquarters and the sites in Asia – (Registration has ended)

The theme of the 25th ASEAN Corporate Planning Meeting is [Carbon Neutral].
This time, we are delivering it twice in a row.

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At the next seminar,
With Mr. Yonekura, General Manager of Asia Office, Industrial Research Department, Zuho Bank
We are inviting two people, Mr. Numajiri, a director of GGG, the first JV outside Japan of TEPCO and Chubu Electric Power.
Why should we be aware of the trend of decarbonization even at local bases in Southeast Asia?
Specific examples of initiatives that combine business development and decarbonization, which are in high demand these days
How the local government and the head office should co-create business (while keeping the context of decarbonization)
Mr. Yonekura will touch on the following elements while looking down on the big tide.
The perspective that the trend of decarbonization should be linked to the growth of Japan and the transformation of the industrial structure
Difference between the scenery seen by the Japanese head office and the scenery (actual situation) seen in the Asian region
Based on the scenery of both the head office and the site in Asia
Setting goals for backcasting with an awareness of the “deadline” for 2030 and 2050
On the other hand, Mr. Numajiri will ask about specific business development.
TEPCO / Chubu Electric Power JV Challenge in Singapore
Business Creation Case from Singapore-Collaboration Case with Headquarters
Continuing from the previous seminar, we will introduce a bird’s-eye view and the efforts of business operators.
This time, in particular, about the view from the head office in Japan and the concrete 0 → 1 business creation from Singapore.
We are planning to make it a time to capture the characteristics.

<Last highlight>
The other day, at the meeting held on May 26, we invited NRI and Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Carbon-neutral business opportunities in ASEAN (announced by NRI)
We introduced Murata’s company-wide efforts and initiatives in Singapore.
In NRI’s presentation, he also touched on examples of Hyundai, China Huaneng, Petronas, etc.
ASEAN countries also set carbon-neutral targets and promote investment.
Not only Western foreign capital but also local conglomerates mention SCOPE3-Japanese companies need to take decarbonization measures for business continuity
* However, it seems that there are still few cases where SCOPE3 is actually requested from suppliers.
* From the perspective of exploring business opportunities, there may be opportunities for commercialization and technology provision based on the policies of each country.
Murata promotes the use of renewable energy at its bases. Achieved 100% renewable energy utilization with sunlight and geothermal power at the Philippine factory
* Increased power utilization efficiency with EMS utilizing power demand forecast / power generation forecast and large-scale storage battery system
Singapore government, NTU, Murata jointly microgrid demonstration experiment in the tropics
CCUS that can utilize the strengths of Japanese companies. It is expected to be introduced in ASEAN countries in the medium to long term, but it is still in the short term.
* Japan, ASEAN countries, the United States, etc. will jointly hold the Asia CCUS Network Forum in June 2021.
An online exchange meeting will be held immediately after the seminar, so please join us.

■ Speakers

Mr. Hiroshi Yonekura
Mizuho Bank, Industrial Research Department, Asia Office, General Manager
Managing Director, Head, Asia Office Industry Research Department, Mizuho Bank

Joined in 1998. Since then, he has been engaged in corporate revitalization support projects such as DES, in addition to settlement and integration work in the accounting department. After that, he was in charge of LBO finance arrangement and M & A advisory business related to corporate acquisition in the M & A finance sales department.
After working as a sales representative in the aviation industry, he has been active as an analyst in the air transportation, shipping, and railway industries in the Industrial Research Department since 2015. Since 2017, as the head of infrastructure-related industries, he has led research and writing activities for the industry in charge, advisory for medium-term management plan formulation, and theme research activities such as Smart City, PPP / concession, and tourism inbound.
In 2020, he went to the star as the director of the Asia Office of the Industrial Research Department, and conducted research on themes such as the industrial axis originating in Asia, decarbonization x ASEAN industry, and various proposal activities as a team for customers such as Japanese companies, local conglomerates, and state-owned enterprises. In recent years, he has focused on decarbonization-related themes such as growth and transitions in Asia. He made management strategy proposals with a bird’s-eye view of the cross-industry impact of decarbonization.
University of Michigan MBA (2011) Cricket player when he was a student.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Numajiri
Director, Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd.
Nickname is “JIRI” “Jiri”. Joined Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. in 2004. He has experience in on-site equipment maintenance, media support in the public relations department, strategic leader in the corporate planning office, etc. In 2018, he established GREENWAY GRID GLOBAL in Singapore and has been working as a local director until now. In addition to GGG, he is a chairman and director of Southeast Asian companies and a visiting professor at Information Management Innovation College. His special skills are karate and calligraphy, but he loves to think about new things and has obtained patents and utility models.
GGG develops a diversified business model that combines the three businesses of investment, innovation, and development, and challenges not only startup investment but also new business development, aiming to be a company that can win even in the VUCA era. He gave a lecture at the international meeting “Innovation Summit” held in Singapore as a representative of a company that co-creatively solves unsolved problems of customers, and as a main speaker of the JETRO DX platform “Practices and examples of POC in ASEAN”. And so on.

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■ Date and time
・ Webinar: Thursday, June 9, 2022 16: 00-17: 00 / Singapore time
・ Exchange meeting: Same day 17: 00-18: 00 / Singapore time

■ Application deadline
Until Tuesday, June 7, 2022 23:59
* The Zoom link for the session will be sent by email during the seminar on June 8th (Wednesday).

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