The Start of Collaboration in the Cambodia’s Power Distribution Business

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We are pleased to announce that Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, President; Kazuhiko Shiba, hereinafter “GGG”) and Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, President; Koichi Mizuno, hereinafter “Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission and Distribution”) will cooperate in the management of Sun-eee Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter “Sun-eee”), a power distribution company in the Kingdom of Cambodia, in which GGG has invested.

Since 2019, GGG has been involved in the management of Sun-eee, contributed to the supply of high-quality and highly reliable electric power while building new business incubation* and a human resource businesses that nurture and train transformational leaders to manage a business.

* To co-create new businesses by combining technologies from our partners with ours.

As such, Hokuriku Electric Power Co., Inc. will acquire a part of Sun-eee’s shares held by GGG as part of the “Development of New Growth Businesses” stated in the “Hokuriku Electric Power Group 2030 Long-term Vision”. In addition, we will select a director for Sun-eee to participate in the management of the power distribution and retail business in Cambodia as we aim to master the ‘know-how’ which can support our overseas business development in the future.

From now on, the two companies shall contribute to the stable supply of electric power, which will be the foundation of economic growth in the Kingdom of Cambodia, through a collaboration model that leverages each other’s strengths. Through the development of new business incubation, which uses power distribution business as a platform, both companies aim to obtain the technical know-how in new fields and achieve value-up for our existing businesses. Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to consider broader collaboration opportunities in various regions and fields.

<The Overview of GGG>
・GGG is a joint venture established in Singapore by TEPCO Power Grid, Inc., Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and ICMG Partners Pte Ltd.
・We aspire to be a company that brings happiness to the world by harnessing the use of new technologies such as next-generation infrastructure microgrid business and Fintech, attaining the latest technology, developing human resources and cultivating transformational leaders who can manage these well.

【Contact Information】
➪ Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd.  📞 +61 6909-3083
➪ Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd.
General Affairs Department Press 📞 076-405-0110

Sun-eee’s Company Profile
o Company’s Name:Sun-eee Pte. Ltd.
o Location:Singapore (Branch office business operates in Cambodia)
o Established On: 1st July 2011
o Capital: US$1.66 Million dollars
o Description of Business: Local electric power company(REE: Rural Electrification Enterprise)
o Business Operations Area: Part of Prey Veng Province and Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia
o Number of Employees: 15 (as of 1st March 2022)

Sun-eee’s area of supply
(part of Prey Veng and Kampong Cham province, 50 km east of Phnom Penh)

Sun-eee, Cambodia Branch.

Electric wire laying work by employees at Sun-eee.

A view of Sun-eee’s employee working.

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