Concluding a Stock Acquisition Agreement of Telemedicine with Zi.Care

Our company, Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, President; Kazuhiko Shiba, hereinafter “GGG”), is pleased to inform you that we have signed a stock acquisition agreement with Zi.Care Technology Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Indonesia, CEO; Jessy Abdurrahman, hereinafter referred to as “Zi.Care”.).

Zi.Care is a start-up company that provides electronic medical recording systems in hospitals and clinics in Indonesia. In Indonesia, 80% of hospital records and medical records are printed on paper, which has caused problems such as management mistakes and delays in insurance payments. This system can collect and manage comprehensive medical records and fasten insurance payment processing. Currently, close to 90 hospitals in 34 cities have already adopted the Zi.Care system. In January 2022, we started a telemedicine service that allows patients to see a doctor online. In the future, Zi.Care has plans to move the electronic medical records to Cloud, introduce AI and blockchain technology, and promote automatic diagnosis under high security.

Customers in our Philippines microgrid business and Cambodia regional power distribution business are unable to receive sufficient medical services either due to the underdeveloped digital health infrastructure in the region and with the spread of the new coronavirus, there is an increasing demand for telemedicine solutions. To solve such problems with Zi.Care’s telemedicine technology, we will expand the telemedicine system at an early stage by utilizing the connections with the government and local communities and fintech technology that we have cultivated through our business operations while contributing to the sustainable development of the world from Southeast Asia.

As GGG’s vision is “Bringing Happiness to the World,” we will contribute to the further development of Japan by solving community issues and giving constructive feedback to new technologies acquired from fast-growing Southeast Asia to Japan.

・GGG is a joint venture established in Singapore by TEPCO Power Grid, Inc., Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and ICMG Partners Pte Ltd.
・Aims to be a company that ‘Brings Happiness to the World’ by utilizing new technologies such as the microgrid business of next-generation infrastructure and Fintech, cultivating transformational leaders and growing human resources who can handle these latest technologies acquired.

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Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd.
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