Signing of a MOU with Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. for consideration of a Sustainable Social Contribution Game Utilizing “Electric Power Asset NFT”

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Singapore-based companies Greenway Grid Global Pte., Ltd. (GGG) and Digital Entertainment Asset Pte., Ltd. (DEA), an NFT game developer and operator, are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for consideration of a game that will contribute to sustainable society utilizing “Electric Power Asset NFT”.


The two companies are now considering the development of a new game that utilizes WEB3.01 technology to address the challenges faced by governments and infrastructure companies, such as aging facilities, and inspection and patrol difficulties resulting from personnel shortages, while also enlisting the help of the community. Based on the concept of “togetherness”, it aims to partially replace the inspection and patrol work of various assets owned by governments and infrastructure companies through the game, while still providing entertainment and fun.


The new game to be developed by the two companies will allow players to earn tokens (Play-to-Earn) by playing the game, and a system is also being considered that will allow players to combine “Electric Power Asset NFT”2 as in-game items to further enjoy the game. It connects players’ activities in the virtual world with the real world, allowing them not only to enjoy the game and contribute to society, but also to have fun with the tokens they have earned.


GGG and DEA will work together to develop this new game with the aim of starting trial operations in Japan in FY2024 while proceeding with detailed studies to realize a sustainable society.

※1 WEB3.0 is an “economy that creates, holds, and exchanges value using tokens, such as cryptocurrency, on the blockchain”. Source: Web3.0 (METI/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

※2 The NFTs are pictures of electric power assets that have been digitalized using NFT technology.

The Sale of “Electric Power Asset NFT (Transmission Tower NFT Card, Utility Pole NFT Card)”

~Venturing into the world of WEB 3.0~ (March 31, 2023)


[Below: GGG and DEA’s MOU signing ceremony (held on 18 March 2023)]

From left

Mr. Tsuyoshi Numajiri (Director; GGG)
Mr. Kozo Yamada (Founder & Co-CEO; DEA)
Mr. Kazuki Kito (Innovation Manager; GGG)

<Company Overview>

  • GGG is a joint venture established in Singapore by Tokyo Electric Power Company Power Grid, Inc., Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and ICMG Partners Pte Ltd. The company aims ‘to bring happiness to the world’ by combining investment in next-generation infrastructure and new technology, the development of new businesses, and leadership development programs.
  • Since its launch on 26 May 2020, DEA’s NFT game platform “PlayMining” has gained over 2.7 million users in more than 100 countries worldwide as of March 2023. DEAPcoin is the first Play-to-Earn token in Japan, and “PlayMining” is also the world’s first Play-to-Earn token economy, leading the GameFi industry worldwide.

※1 Token: A symbol that represents value in digital form
※2 Non-Fungible Token (NFT). NFT uses blockchain technology to create unique digital assets.
※3 DEAPcoin: The primary currency of the NFT game platform “PlayMining”
※4 Play to earn: The concept of earning by playing games
※5 GameFi: A general term for games that incorporate decentralized finance (DeFi) elements using blockchain technology

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