The launch of the power industry’s first participatory content for contributing to society, “PicTrée,” and commencement of a demonstration test in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture ~ A demonstration test started in April as part of Maebashi City’s urban appeal improvement and co-creation project ~

TEPCO Power Grid Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshinori Kaneko, hereinafter referred to as, “TEPCO PG”), Greenway Grid Global Pte., Ltd. (Head Office: Singapore; President and CEO: Kazuhiko Shiba, hereinafter referred to as, “GGG”), and Digital Entertainment Asset Pte., Ltd. (Head Office: Singapore; Founder & CEO: Naoto Yoshida, Founder & Co-CEO: Kozo Yamada, hereinafter referred to as, “DEA”) are working to solve the problems faced by infrastructure companies using gamification with the aim of creating a sustainable society.

The three companies will launch a participatory social contribution content called “PicTrée – Boku to Watashi no Denchū Gassen” (“PicTrée”), utilizing “power assets” in some areas of Maebashi City on April 13th, marking the commencement of the first-ever participatory social contribution content trial in the power industry.

“PicTrée” is a free mobile game application where players compete by capturing images of power assets such as utility poles and manholes, and connecting the captured power assets to measure their total length.

Through gameplay, players contribute to the maintenance of local infrastructure, thereby aiding in early detection of equipment abnormalities and other societal contributions. Moreover, players can earn rewards based on their in-game achievements.

During this trial, we will verify the effectiveness of the acquired infrastructure photos and explore their application in inspection tasks such as maintenance and safety. Additionally, we will continue to enhance the quality of the content and explore diversifying services.

Comments from Each Company:

Tokyo Electric Power Grid Corporation:

“We aim to create new value for our power assets through this game. We hope that people in the community will actively participate and feel more connected to electricity and power assets than ever before.”

Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd.:

“We are advancing into new businesses with ‘NEW’ as the keyword, aiming to make Web3.0 the next challenge sector. We want to bring about a game-changer for town-building and regional revitalization, loved by local communities, including infrastructure operators like Tokyo Electric Power Grid, using Web3.0 × gamification.”

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.:

“Approximately six months since the announcement of our plans last summer. It’s deeply moving to finally reach the release of the app game after daily deliberations and debates with Tokyo Electric PG and GGG.
This marks a significant first step towards realizing the dream world we’ve been aiming for since our founding in 2018, where playing generates rewards and improves society.

Although the trial can only be played in Maebashi City, I hope not only locals but also people from all over Japan will participate in this initiative to change the world and earn rewards.”

(Official website)

1. Overview of PicTrée  – Grid Grab: Capture the Current

○” PicTrée ” is a “team battle game” where teams take photos of power assets, such as utility poles and manholes, and compete to see which team can take the most photos and cover the most distance.

○Players choose which team they want to belong to, “Amp,” “Bolt,” or “Watt,” and play as a member of that team. In the game, players can earn points by “Checking In” on and “Capture” the power assets, such as utility poles, and then “Connect” the assets. The total score of each team determines the ranking of the three teams.

○Players can earn rewards based on their performance in the game, such as Amazon gift certificates and DEAPcoin (DEP), as well as the chance to earn team rewards based on team rankings at the end of fixed period of time referred to as a “season.”

(Official Website)

2. Overview of the Trial in Maebashi City
The trial will take place in selected areas of Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, from April 13th to June 29th. During this period, the trial will be conducted in different areas within Maebashi City.

<Duration and Areas>

  • Season 1 (April 13th to April 28th): Kamikawabuchi Area
  • Season 2 (May 4th to May 17th): Main Office Area
  • Season 3 (May 18th to May 31st): Miyagi Area
  • Season 4 (June 1st to June 14th): Akagi Area
  • Season 5 (June 15th to June 29th): Fujimi Area

Note: A special event “University Battle” is scheduled during the trial period.

A special event called “University Battle: PicTrée – Boku to Watashi no Denchū Gassen” will be held on May 4th (Saturday) and May 5th (Sunday). In this event, universities based in Maebashi City (such as Gunma University, Maebashi Institute of Technology, Kyoei Gakuen Maebashi International University, Kyoei Gakuen Maebashi International University Junior College, Gunma University of Health and Welfare, etc.) will form teams and compete in team battles, showcasing their school pride.

< Game time > 9:00~16:00
For safety reasons, game photos may only be taken during the above times. However, game functions other than photo taking will be available at all times.

< Power asset to take photos of >
Utility poles, manholes and handholes in Maebashi City

3. For inquiries regarding cooperation and collaboration
We plan to expand the use of PicTrée in cooperation with various business operators and local governments. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact us at the following address.






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