NFT Business

Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as GGG) views entering the promising NFT market as an opportunity for growth and engages in various NFT businesses. The global NFT market is said to be worth trillions of yen, and the domestic market is expected to grow from tens of billions of yen to hundreds of billions of yen by 2030, making it a significant market.

Electric Power Asset NFT

In 2023, GGG and Tokyo Electric Power Grid Company (hereafter referred to as TEPCO PG) began selling “Electric Power Asset NFTs,” which are digitalized images of electric power assets such as transmission towers and utility poles owned by TEPCO PG using NFT technology.

Based on the “Transmission Tower Cards” primarily issued for recruitment purposes by TEPCO PG, “Electric Power Asset NFTs (Transmission Tower NFT Cards, Utility Pole NFT Cards)” are created and sold. Furthermore, in collaboration with DEA, a company with experience and technology in WEB3.0 cultivated through NFT games and the market, we are considering adding “new value” to these “Electric Power Asset NFTs,” beyond mere ownership.

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Growth Rings Project

The Growth Rings Project is a new NFT project undertaken in collaboration with Tokyo Electric Power. The growth rings of a tree, which symbolize the project, are formed over time, slowly and steadily accumulating as the tree grows.

Like these growth rings, we aim to maintain organizational transparency and reliability, grow slowly and steadily, and contribute to society and the environment.

While exploring new business possibilities, we aim to unite fans of Tokyo Electric Power, utilize electric power assets, and form a new community.

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