Greenway Grid Global, the sustainability and green technology promoting company, investments in Okra, which owns DC smart grid technology

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Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore, President: Shiba Kazuhiko, hereinafter “GGG”) is pleased to inform you that the company has made an investment of USD100,000 to Okra Solar PTY LTD (Headquarters: Australia, CEO: Afnan Hannan, hereinafter “Okra”).

Okra is a startup company that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to store electricity generated by solar power in a storage battery and allows the sharing of electricity between households as direct current. By doing so, it sells appliances that efficiently use remote power, and provides software services for mobile e-payment systems which can manage electricity bills, product status, customer information, and revenue for local customers who do not have a bank account. GGG is working to promote the DC smart grid (next-generation power grid), which will be the focus of the future market, in non-electrified areas in South East Asia where it is difficult to develop a power supply network.

GGG will utilize Okra’s technology to solve social issues in non-electrified areas in SE Asia and contribute to sustainable development in the area. Meanwhile, through this business, GGG aims to discuss and promote the use of DC smart grid, mobile e-payment platforms that utilizes IoT data, and other value-added services

GGG runs an integrated business in “Project Investment”, “Innovative Business”, and “Global Leader Development. New incubations are initiated by GGG to create new growth opportunities, and the Cambodia power distribution business is one of the platforms. Through such initiatives, GGG is also establishing businesses in global leaders’ development.

GGG invites all companies to participate in the business that GGG is working on, to build the local economic development in overseas countries, and to promote global sustainability.

Okra’s system technology image diagram

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