Greenway Grid Global Signed a Share Acquisition Agreement with PT Virtual Online Exchange to Promote Green & Sustainability Around the World

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Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (Headquarters: Singapore; President: Kazuhiko Shiba; hereinafter “GGG”) has signed a share acquisition agreement with PT Virtual Online Exchange (Headquarters: Indonesia; CEO: Sara Dhewanto), which is a company that owns FinTech technology.

PT Virtual Online Exchange is a startup company that provides a software service (Hereinafter, the registered trademark name “duithape”) for support groups in Indonesia. Duithape leverages an electronic payment (e-payment) system which utilizes recognition technology to enable the efficient and reliable utilization of financial aid among users who do not possess a bank account.

In the past, support groups have invested tremendous labors and time to distribute the financial aids to each one of the aid recipients. By registering the recipients’ photos and information at duithape, member stores (duithape’s agents) will be able to identify the recipients using the face recognition system and use the financial aids received from the support as electronic vouchers. 

Duithape’s electronic payment system that utilizes facial recognition technology enables agile execution of support activities. In addition, in light of the recent changes in the environment, there has also been an increase in the government-centered support activities for users without a bank account. As a result, the number of support groups using such service in Indonesia has also been increasing.

GGG owns its own microgrid business and local power distribution business in Philippines and Cambodia, where many customers do not have a bank account. Other parts of the Southeath Asia also faces similar issue, and we intend to solve problems through duithape’s Fintech technology, will continue to contribute to sustainable developments, and consider creating new value-added services that utilize such mobile e-payment platforms.

GGG is implementing “project investment and management”, “new business incubation”, and “global leader human resource development” as a trinity business, and has expanded this new business incubation investment business for our future projects, and through this approach, we are also expanding businesses to develop human resources of global leaders.

GGG invites all companies to participate in such business initiatives that we are working on, be it overseas or locally, to build an economy and promote sustainability globally.

PT Virtual Online Exchange’s System’s Technology Diagram

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