Event announcement-SPEEDA ASEAN business management session

Takeshi Numajiri from Greenway Grid Global Pte Ltd will be speaking at the 34th ASEAN Business Planning Association meeting.

The theme for February 23rd is “Challenges in New Business Development, and Insights on Overcoming These Challenges”. This seminar will feature speakers from the forefront of business development, exploring new business initiatives and deepening insights through a panel discussion that follows.

The day will start with an introduction to new business development efforts in the ASEAN region, starting from Singapore, by Mr. Kunihide Uzawa, Director of the Singapore Office at Nippon Koei Business Partners Co., Ltd. Mr. Takeshi Numajiri from GGG will talk about the challenges behind successful cases and how they were overcome.

The panel discussion will include Mr. Koji Sakata, CEO and Director of IGPI Singapore, who has been investing in business development in Singapore for about 10 years.

This seminar not only offers candid talks and learning from the speakers but also welcomes questions from participants. It aims to be a platform for those responsible for new ventures to share concerns, discover new ideas, and find solutions to challenges. We invite you to join us.

Register here→https://sea.ub-speeda.com/en/asean-insights/event20240223

This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights as a business development professional and deepen connections with peers in the industry. Don’t miss out.

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