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Message from the Management

Kazuhiko Shiba

GREENWAY GRID GLOBAL PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred as GGG) is established by Tokyo Electric Power Company Power Grid, Inc., CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc., and ICMG Partners as a Joint Venture in Singapore. GGG acts as a vehicle for the 3 companies to invest and operate overseas power transmission and distribution business and next-generation infrastructure business, and incubate new business, as well as to nurture global leaders.

GGG’s vision is “to Bring Happiness to the World,” with the Asian market being the main target. GGG focus on three core competencies.

The first core competency is “Project Investment.” We invest such electric power and water infrastructure into the non-electrified communities as for the basic platform of business. The second core competency is “Innovative Business.” On top of infrastructure investment, we bring/develop future industries with incubation into the community. The third core competency is “Global Leader Development.” We implement global leadership training program to enhance the basic capabilities of each individual leader for the purpose of creating business. GGG contribute to develop green and sustainable economic growth in the global market with GGG’s three core competencies of business, jointly participating with multiple companies in different fields.

Please come join us in our vision for the future.


Isao Segawa
ICMG Partners
Kazuya Miyake
Chubu Electric Power
Fumihito Fukuda
TEPCO Power Grid

Our Members

Kazuki Kito
Toshihiro Tsurui
Riho Onda
Ji An
Pei Ling
Corporate Secretary
Andrina Lim
General Affairs

Our Partners

CleanGrid Partners Pte. Ltd.

CleanGrid Partners, also known as CGP, is an investment entity formed by GGG, WEnergy Global and ICMG Partners. CGP is mainly engaged in renewable energy related strategic consulting and EPC, O & M in Southeast Asia, as well as project projects such as microgrid. CGP aims to build and manage a portfolio of electrification projects, with an exclusive focus on South East Asia.

Sun-eee Pte. Ltd.

Sun-eee, GGG’s subsidiary in Cambodia, is a renewable energy company improving rural electrification and the environmental problem of a heavy reliance on diesel fuel.

Jasa Global Orbital (JAGO)

JAGO, a drone solution business company which is capable of utilizing drones for land surveying, equipment inspections, and video production in Indonesia. It is a joint venture company between GGG and PT Demanu Sakti Group.

Kiko Live

Kiko Live enables virtual shop exploration via audio/video calls for convenient mobile shopping. It supports Live Quick Commerce for all store types. In India, Kiko Live offers small retailers an online selling solution, integrating them into the Quick Commerce revolution.

Okra Solar Pty Ltd.

Okra is an Australian startup working to popularize DC smart grids in non-electrified areas such as Southeast Asia. Okra sells products and services that allow households to share electricity generated by solar power as direct current.


DuitHape, also known as PT Virtual Online Exchange, is an Indonesian FinTech startup that supports the poor who do not have a bank account and provide software services that enable efficient and reliable operation of support money through an electronic payment system that utilizes face recognition technology.


Zicare, is a startup company that provides electronic medical record systems in hospitals and clinics in Indonesia. Zi.Care also offers telemedicine services which allow patients to see their doctors, online.

REDEX Group Pte Ltd

REDEX operates Asia’s leading trading platform for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The company offers a one-stop ecosystem for RECs, supporting clients through the full RECs lifecycle – asset registration, production verification, marketplace, and retirement.


Codingal started with a dream to inspire school kids to fall in love with coding and to empower every child to build anything they can imagine. Targeting kindergarteners to high school students, it offers coding e-learning programs in English and enables students to learn skills that are useful in the digital era. It was launched in early 2021 and has reached out to over 350,000 students online to offer coding classes.

Carbontribe Labs OU

Carbontribe provides AI and blockchain-driven carbon-capture solutions for the reliable generation and monitoring of carbon credits. This technology empowers clients with streamlined issuance, cost reduction, and efficient monitoring of their carbon credits.

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